I am a fine art photographer based in the United-Kingdom and France. My work is inspired by the seasons, personal insights and stories that I wrote in the past.

My photography can be bought as prints and cards from this website, and a cursus of photography courses will be launched soon.

The blog explores seasonal inspirations, perception and illusions, colours and palette, skills and technique, a pinch of history, visual storytelling techniques, and news about my projects and collections updates.

How I started photography
I had my first attempts at photography nearly 10 years ago.  I shot self portraits as part of a self-imposed recovery programme. I was struck by a lightning and then I had a brain stroke. I was paralysed from head to toe on the right hand side of my body. And I lost the ability to speak and to understand my mother tongue. It did not last for a long time, but the consequences did. I recovered completely though. But it took me years to overcome the psychological side effects. I had to learn to match my body image to my real body. I had to understand that feeling asymetric was just a trick of the mind. I had to stop cropping my photos and discarding half of my face. But I got acquainted with a wonderful world, a world with no language, a world with no worries, where only the present moment was so vivid and so alive.

Then I broadened my experience and decided that it was time to shoot other subjects. At this stage I learnt photography. I got a new camera and learnt the techniques and the skills.

I was born in Normandy from an old family with Norse origins. I was raised in a historical town with classified historical monuments and I do think now that it has shaped some of my personnality traits. I danced for four years in a stage company, "Saga", during my teenage years, and we performed in the gothic ruins of this town's abbey.

Some personal interests
I am interested in alternative cultures, alternative ways of lives or alternative ways of celebration ; the opposition between nature and culture ; archeology ; astronomy ; mythologies ; boudoir ; resilience ; the little intrinsic particularities that make who we are ; and so much more.

Further information
For more details about my professional background meet me on LinkedIn. I am also available on Facebook,  you can follow me on Twitter and follow some boards on Pinterest, and you can now follow me on Instagram as well.