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Picture Me Dead

An insight into Victorian postmortem photography, with no postmortem photographs.

"I’ve tried to have a deeper look and I admit I gave it more thoughts than exploration, because this Victorian box is a hard one to open. One picture, two pictures… and it seems it is more than enough. Or is it? We all have a dark side, haven’t we? One more picture. And another. Then the finger stops scrolling. There is something fascinating and repulsive in these old vintage feelings. Photographing dead relatives was a habit from days gone by and it may never return. It may sound [...]"       Read more

The Colours of Twilight

A description of the particular light and colours at this time of the day.

"Though this picture, Down the Lake, represents a lake at twilight, it looks more or less abstract to me. Abstract photography or painting is based on colour palette and/or composition and the viewer has more freedom as far as the interpretation is concerned. Twilight is the moment between sunset and night. It is divided into different phases according to science data, but for the photographer, the most strikingcharacteristics of this time of the day are its unusual [...]"       Read more

The Art of Cropping

The way aspect ratio has an influence on the storytelling. A tour of the main formats.

"Aspect ratio, or format, in photography is the proportions of the frame, the relationship between the width and the height of the picture. It depends on the sensor of the camera, but in our digital age, it can be changed in the settings in some types of DSLRs. And it is not without consequences. A picture may be better in a different format and one of the editing techniques is to change the aspect ratio if it’s needed by cropping the picture. This post will deal with the [...]"       Read more